Butterfly Creek


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Butterfly Creek

This tropical butterfly bastion shows off a variety of 800 free-flying tropical butterflies on luscious grounds with waterfalls, ponds, flourishing foliage, turtles, fish and exotic birds. Ride the miniature Red Admiral Express train through the grounds and stop at the Buttermilk Farm petting zoo.

Useful Information

  • Address: 10 Tom Pearce Drive, Auckland
  • Email: info@butterflycreek.co.nz
  • Phone: +64 9 275 8880
  • More Info: www.butterflycreek.co.nz
  • More Info: Butterfly Creek is close to Auckland International Airport
  • More Info: 6f9aad79de739f076de763bbfad1a1dd9a7841ee
  • More Info: https://www.facebook.com/butterflycreek